Best dressed at the Teen choice awards 2016

Sunday was the Teen Choice Awards 2016 ! I was pretty surprised to see the lack of singers and big celebrities (Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande , Selena Gomez … ) , I know that most of them are on Tour  :'(

But anyways , here is my selection of the Best dressed people during this ceremony❤



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What do you think about my selection ?

Kitty Adoption

Few days ago , we adopted a cat at the French PETA called SPA.


It was a gift for my ant , she lost her dog after 10 years , she was very depressed afterwards so my dad decided to we should adopt a cat for her , since we knew that she didn’t care if it was either a dog or cat. For a 50th birthday , we surprised her with a cute ginger kitty ! We had the choice between a girl or a boy , both super cute and nice *.*

It was so hard to choose ! But we took the boy , I swear I wanted to adopt both. It opened up my eyes on adoption in associations. In a case where you can choose , please adopt throught an association , your animal will be vaccinated and identified (tatoo or electric puce), the SPA offers the castration , it usually costs 50-90€ for a cat and depending on the sex. Here you pay 90€ for a kitten , healthy and ready to enjoy his/her new life ! Since few years , I am more and more concerned about Animals condition and I deeply think we have alot of work to do concerning animal rights …


He looks sad but the second you pet him , he would play with your finger and purr *.*

Support PETA and any kind of animal recue association for a better world❤



Selena Gomez 24th birthday = Her 24 best street style

Selena Gomez is 24 years old today (already !), she is a true inspiration in the fashion industry , I love her style! She makes simple things look very classy and sexy without being “too much”. I selected 24 of her best street style (which was hard to select haha).



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What do you think about her style  ?

Summer trends : Tropical Prints

We have seen it coming up last summer ; and it ALWAYS COME BACK , do we mind ? NO !

Beyoncé babe used it in her collab with H&M. I was in love with her collection. I bought myself some tropical printed shorts from Zara , two years ago , and it still look good now !

Here is few exemple of the tropical prints. Not simply on clothes but also on accessories !




  1. New Look • 5€
  2. Lane Crawford • 96€
  3. New Look • 11€
  4. Go Jane • 28€
  5. Lane Crawford • 82€
  6. New Look • 18€
  7. Gucci • 2480€
  8. Zaful • 90€
  9. Karen Millen • 140€
  10. Adidas Originals • 95€



I thought it could be nice , to have an outfit inspiration , so here it is with a tropical prints. Only the top , but if you want more , feel free to ask me in the comments❤




New Look • 18€


FRAME • 190€




Jimmy Choo • 875€


Kate Spade • 265€


Lord and Taylor • 68€


Disney Couture • 23€



What do you think about this trend ?


Bill Cunningham tribute : The Street style creator

Bill Cunningham , “The blue soul of NYC” the fashion legend , passed away at the age of 87  a stroke.

Bill was the creator of what we know “the street style” , during 40 years he’d ride on his bike around New York , to photograph the best styles in the street with his Nikon. And though Bill habitually photographed the fashion on the runway, he was most known for the images of the trends he captured off the catwalk.

Born in March 13, 1929 Boston, Massachusetts, U.S, he attended Harvard University but dropped out then moved to NYC. He worked in many places , but most known as a writer first for Women’s Wear Dailyand then for the Chicago Tribune, known in The New York Times too then as a photographer.

He was the main figure of the documentary “Bill Cunningham : New York” in 2010. In 1983 the Council of Fashion Designers of America named Cunningham the outstanding photographer of the year. In 2008 he was awarded the Officier de l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Ministry of Culture.

Some fashion celebrities gave him a tribute. Let’s give him a shoutout through his work.


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NB: I used Wikipedia to help me with the awards.

Get Hailey Baldwin Outfit

Out in New York , I loved this outfit with that Velvet dress. You can find the products exact same or similar down here❤





SHOES [Similar]

Office • 65€ [ON SALE]


A. Marie • 180€

Jennifer Zeuner Kerry • 200€

Gorjana Mika • 77€


Ray-Ban • 175€


What do you think about her outfit ?



Lingerie dress : Yes or No ?

Lingerie dress , yes , I don’t mean Lingerie itself or babydolls. The re-formed babydolls meant to wear outfit like a sexy , cheeky dress. But the real question is , isn’t it too vulgar ? Isn’t TOO sexy ? Too provocative or simply , is it really meant to be wore outside of the bedroom ?

Yes to the Lingerie dress 

Why ? Its sexy as f*ck ! It can easily look bitchy if you’re not careful with what you wear it !  But nowadays , if you look around the internet you find very decent lingerie dresses , not too sexy and good enough to bring all the boys to the yard (and not care , because we’re precious unicorns❤ )

If you look at these dresses , I’d hell yeah where it to the club or a romantic dinner with my man. It’s more about the silk that makes it “sexual” , when its all about how its cut !



1. Dolce & Gabbana • 2400€

2.Yves Saint Laurent • 790€

3. Yves Saint Laurent • 1595€

4 . H&M • 27€

If you wear it with a nice pair of black heels (max 10cm) , it’ll look FANTASTIC , all the haterz gon’ hate even more ;D


NO to the NONO 

Why ? well , you might choose the wrong “too sexy ” so the bitchy one , with probably the wrong shoes and accessories , and we’re not BITCHY ! So , we only want these very sexy outfit to stay in the bedroom😉 , When you look online for “Lingerie dresses” you find basically babydolls. too short ,  too see-throught , not possible to go out with this ! Sorry !




1. Avid • 13€

2. Nelly • 40€

3. Agent Provocateur • 315€

4. JOURNELLE • 87€

Conclusion ? WEAR WHAT YOU WANT. In my opinion , I’d say yes to silk dresses , lingerie dresses , yes but you need to be very very careful with the rest of the outfit in order to make it look sexy and not vulgar.

Here is an inspiration outfit with the Lingerie dress.❤

bb 1



H&M • 27€


DSquared2 • 905€


Givenchy • 1970€


Ted Baker • 27€


                                                                                                         Miss Selfridge • 9.80€



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