11714457_10206035125389906_1524228990_nYesterday during grocery shopping , I walked throught the milk aisle and I saw this mare milk. As a horsy lover (also curiousity), I had to taste it ! I know it might sound messed up , but in some countries such as Mongolia it is very normal they even make cheese with this milk !

Moreover , It has many unsuspected nutritional qualities. It is (with donkey milk) the closest animal milk to the human breast milk, it includes in particular the nitrogen content and lipids low, also high lactose level. During the 90’s the doctor advised to drink this milk if a mother couldn’t breast feed her baby. This milk contains lysozyme with antimicrobial properties to affirm the usefulness of mare’s milk from organic farms in disease prevention.

To finish, THE TASTE ! It’s basically water and a grass aftertaste, at the end we feel the fat for few seconds. This milk was very interesting to taste ! It could replace the cow milk that you might hate ! Because it doesn’t taste like cow milk AT ALL !

Today , I am a filly.


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