Find out about Kettle cooked chips and which brand is the best to my mind !


11741709_10206065208021953_1075941930_nLet me introduce you to the Kettle-cooked chips :

They’re made in batches dunk a bunch, take them out, dunk a bunch more. When a new batch of potatoes is added, it lowers the temperature of the oil, which means the chips take longer to cook, which results in their irregular shape, darkened parts and thicker texture. If you compare a bag of kettle chips to a bag of regular potato chips, they’ll probably have nearly identical ingredient lists, and the same amount of fat, calories and carbohydrates. Once in your body, they’ll be broken down into sugar, set off a surge of insulin and cause excess sugar to be stored as fat.

There are different flavours of kettle cooked chips. I personnaly prefer the sea salted one. I have tasted 4 different brands : Lay’s , Tyrrell’s , Vico and Kettle chips, here’s my opinion about each :

  • Lay’s : Nice and Crunchy , a tiny bit too salted but still good. The price was correct not too expensive
  • Tyrrell’s : Very crunchy , not alot in the bag, prefectly salted (not too much) . The price is quite high compared to the other regular chips.
  • Vico : Nice and crunchy but VERY SALTED !! I was disappointed. I had 0.50€ off the bag but for a little bag it was expensive.
  • Kettle chips : Nice and crunchy , worth it , tastes good and the price is really nice.

Nevertheless I think that Kettle Chips are worth it, Tyrrell’s one is my FAVOURITE EVER

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