My trip to Crete ! (VLOG)

Check out my impressions and advices !


I came wednesday at 12pm from my trip to Crete ! Obvious I was not alone my lovely family was there too , we spent 1 week there. I will not talk about the hotel unless you request it 😉

  • DAY 1 :   Up at 3am to catch our flight at 6am (TOO EARLY !) , we went at the airport very early for some reasons , it was a 3 hours flight from LYON to HERAKLION. Unfortunately , it was a low-cost flight , my first and last experience ! small chairs , no space , the flight was full and everything super expensive.  ANYWAY, we landed at 10am , so right after we had a bus to take us to our hotel. It took approximately 1h30 to get there , it was really hot and sunny ! Our hotel was beautiful with flowers, palm trees and lemon trees everywhere. We were all very hungry , so we catched some sandwiches and because I’m smart , I took a sandwich thinking it was mozzarella …. NAY ! Its Crete here so it was FETA MEHHH ! My mom ate it for me ! Right after , we took a 4 hours nap then pool then resting then lazyness. haha
  • DAY 2 : We got up at 9 , to get our breakfast ! Then we walked around the city (SISSI), also we rented a car sowe could find a sand beach. There was rocks everywhere so we found one and there were actually many , mostly in South and West of Crete. We discovered that people drive super fast there ! It says that Crete is the European car-crash. For lunch, we stopped by a cute place , they call it “taverna” there, it a relax and family kind of restaurant , cheaper as well. I ate for the first time a “Gyros pita”, best THING EVER ! The meat and pita tasted so good ! The Tzatziki was really good too , it was unbelievable !
  • DAY 3 : Visit of Malia , the “young” city , where there are mostly young people ! Quad and motocycles (to rent for 10€ a day! ) everywhere ! Not so much happened just Beach & Pool day ! Taverna for lunch 😛
  • DAY 4 : Visit of Heraklion, we walked around an old market , where I got a silver bracelet with the square infinite symbol (Symbolize Love life / Infinite love) to my boyfriend ;D. You could shop traditional products like olive oil and food, also jewerly (gold & silver). We had the chance to visit a chapel , very cute and painted in white everywhere. We spent the morning there , we stopped by a Starbucks , then we found a sand beach near. Fun fact , it was right next to the airport , we could see and hear the planes ! After 1 hour we came back home, the weather was too hot for us !
  • DAY 5: Visit Of Nikolaos, ancient city with a nice port. Walked around , we found an orthodoxe church if im not wrong, it was really beautiful, colorful and drawings everywhere. We stayed there until lunch then Beach & Pool day.
  • DAY 6 : Visit of “Zeus Cave” aka  “Ideon Andron” , it was 1h driving from SISSI , It was really nice because we got to see the center of Crete , very green and a bit colder than the coast. when we got there , I obvious forgot to bring sneakers … not so smart because we had to climb 300 meters. Not a nice road …. I had flip flops, it took us 40 minutes. We could climb with a donkey up there , but I didn’t think it was nice for the donkey. The cave was smaller than I thought , we had to go down , we came from 40° to 16° ! Let me tell you it was sooo nice down there haha ! In the water , we could see many coins , so I made a wish (I won’t tell ya ;P) , afterwards , we grabbed a frozen yogurt ! Really nice and tasty with a beautiful view of the plateau (also the cashier hehe) , I loved this place ! Then Beach & Pool (lets not change the good habits)
  • DAY 7 : Last day , we didn’t move, we walked around the city to get some presents for our family and postcards. We had to leave at 18h so until then we went to the beach & pool , I had the time to take a shower , then our mini-bus would take us back to the airport. Our flight was at 21h , we walked around the duty free section , we wondered , is it really duty free ? because the prices where almost the same, that doesn’t make any sense since the taxes there are 23%. So bad flight , I watched “La famille Belier” and “The Lord of the Ring: The return of the King” , we got home at 00h30.

To conclude; this week was a good experience, I liked it , I’ve always wanted to see a bit of Greece, so now I can give you advices ! First : Mosquito spray because THEY ARE TONS ! Second : Get a car or quad whatever as long as you can drive around , there are some many places to see ! Third : SUN CREAM , very important , the sun there is WILD!

Here is few pics of where I was in Crete, if you want to see them in HD go on my flickr 

IMG_5070  IMG_5087

My hotel
Orthodoxe Church in Heraklion
Heraklion Port
On our way to Zeus ! (center of Crete)
Center of Crete
Zeus Cave *.*
Lovely road up to the cave

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