One month blogging : My impressions

Here’s my impressions ❀


This is going to be a short post. Im back in Denmark with my boyfriend until the 31st of August, then I gotta do my spanish exam which I hope is going to go well, I’m very stressed , I hope it will go well. Β So let’s talk about my first month of blogging. I started July. I used to be a writer for a fan website , so I learned alot of how to edit and write an article. I liked that ! I stopped few years after because I didn’t have the time anymore to write articles , 3 years after here I am, with this blogging idea going on and on mind. I only talked about it to my boyfriend and he said roughly ” Who’s going to care ?” , that reaction made me re-think about blogging. Few days past, then I couldn’t get this idea out of my mind , so I did this blog morning 6th of July.

Why did I want to blog ? Because I wanted to share my fashion style , also my journeys , travel advices moreover my opinion and REAL REVIEWS about anything, ’cause I got blinded by some stupid youtubers that were marchandising and gave people a fake review just to get money. Here I speak the truth, I don’t tell lies or whatever.

To finish, I’d say that this experience has opened my eyes and my mind so far , I try to do my best when I edit oufits or write articles, I’m still a bit “shy” , to write completely about my opinion and my private life, I’m like a baby in the ocean so I don’t feel super confident yet (but its coming ;D). Also, I’m so happy , I’ve never thought that I’d have THAT much views and visitors (73 views and 40 visitors) Β that encourages me to keep going.

Thank you to all the ones following me or even reading this article. ❀

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