Get to know more about my horsy day


Yesterday I had the chance and opportunity to ride on the beach again ,I’ve been riding “regularly” for 6 years then I stopped because I was bullied at the horse riding school by a group of girls. After this, I rode some places around , but never regularly. However , it has never infected my love for horses ❤ ! Anyway , last year I rode and galop on the beach for the first time with a crazy racing horse aka Horus. So since I’m currently in Denmark (Im still on summer vacation) my step-mother in law is a horse lover too , she has few horses here (that I can’t ride unfortunately), so she had the good idea to do a riding ramble throught the forest then on the beach.

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So here’s me and this beautiful mare, I don’t know her name no one told me :/ even though the owners were very careful with her and told me ” you gotta take care of her and be gentle ” , so I said ” I will don’t worry”. We rode thought the forest with a group of 8 people they were all beginners, so the second we were on the beach , my little mare started to get super excited , and all the horses too ! It was hard to hold them. Just 6 people wanted to gallop so my step mother in law aka Anette , she was leading so we started trotting , I had a lovely mare she was going fast but i could still slow her down as long as she was trotting she was happy , then second time we gallop for like 1 minute because one of the beginner was scared , so we slowed down and told him what to do to slow his horsy down but we warned him and say ” You can try to slow him down but they’ll be super excited so there is no need to keep pullling on the reins , the horse will keep galloping anyway, we need to stop all together then they will follow”; after this we galoped again and they went FAST ahahah , I didnt mind it , but the guy did so we stopped and he said ” no more ” , so we were going back on the beach and my little lady couldnt hold herself , she wanted to trot she did but very slowly it was so nice to be on her back , she was almost pawing the ground she was gorgeous !!! And then , I hear someone screaming and I see a horse galloping on his on !! And then another one !!! Two people jumped off their horses because they couldnt hold them ! One went crazy and far on the sand hills then down and up oh my god that was CRAZY, I helped to get one of the horsy then the other one galoped back to us super happy haha. We rode back to the place nicely, no more problem , I was really happy and this mare was SO AWESOME I love her!!! hahaha ! Everytime I ride I can’t forget this sensation plus my body either , my ass and legs still remember that ! That was a good day I loved it !

The beach I was , with the same beautiful weather

What did you do yesterday ? Have you ever ride on the beach ?

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