Cinnamon rolls : THE FAIL (BLOG)

When you cook something and then you fail and then you get pissed off


So yesterday I wanted to make some cinnamon rolls because it’s so good and it reminds me of my christmas in America with my American family <3. And well I failed at it or THE RECIPE MADE ME FAIL !

I’m a good cook, I mean I know what to do , Im not a random beginner , so I wrote on google “Cinnamon Rolls Recipe” , I clicked on the website called “foodnetwork”, I looked at it , it seemed pretty awesome ! So I started , but STOP ! ITS CUPS NOT GRAMS AAAAHHH I hate it , why can’t they have an automatic  conventer , I don’t know , it’s so annoying when you’re not American to convert everything to grams or mililiters. So I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out all of this ! After this I finally started , blablabla everything is ok , except one thing , I feel like the dough is a bit greasy but I thought it was normal so I let it in the hoven around 50° so it would double size faster (I always do that). Afterwards ; I spread it on a pan and guess what; ITS GREASY !! Like I usually put less butter that is written in the recipes, but there I wanted to be a good brainless cook for some reasons , and THATS THE RESULT , after this, I watch a video on Youtube about how to make cinnamon rolls , the recipe IS WAY BETTER AND DIFFERENT , then I put the sugar and cinnamon , and I try to roll it but its just s**t , I got so pissed off , because I followed perfectly the recipe and it gives me that greasy dough , I cut it and its so very much SOFT ! I was like “HOW CAN THEY GET 4.5/5 ON THAT SH***Y RECIPE !”.  I didn’t do any glaze or whatever I don’t like it so much, I put it in the hoven and it looks like this :


Instead of this (I called it “foodnetwork imagination)


Big difference right ? Yeah , and it tastes good but the dough is non-existing. So yeah , basically next time i wanna bake cinnamon rolls , I will watch that video on Youtube (link below)

Foodnetwork Cinnamon Rolls recipe (CLICK)

Awesome Cinnamon Rolls recipe on YOUTUBE (CLICK)


Make it yourself and tell me what do you think 🙂

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