Cinnamon rolls : THE FAIL (BLOG)

When you cook something and then you fail and then you get pissed off


So yesterday I wanted to make some cinnamon rolls because it’s so good and it reminds me of my christmas in America with my American family <3. And well I failed at it or THE RECIPE MADE ME FAIL !

I’m a good cook, I mean I know what to do , Im not a random beginner , so I wrote on google “Cinnamon Rolls Recipe” , I clicked on the website called “foodnetwork”, I looked at it , it seemed pretty awesome ! So I started , but STOP ! ITS CUPS NOT GRAMS AAAAHHH I hate it , why can’t they have an automatic Β conventer , I don’t know , it’s so annoying when you’re not American to convert everything to grams or mililiters. So I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out all of this ! After this I finally started , blablabla everything is ok , except one thing , I feel like the dough is a bit greasy but I thought it was normal so I let it in the hoven around 50Β° so it would double size faster (I always do that). Afterwards ; I spread it on a pan and guess what; ITS GREASY !! Like I usually put less butter that is written in the recipes, but there I wanted to be a good brainless cook for some reasons , and THATS THE RESULT , after this, I watch a video on Youtube about how to make cinnamon rolls , the recipe IS WAY BETTER AND DIFFERENT , thenΒ I put the sugar and cinnamon , and I try to roll it but its just s**t , I got so pissed off , because I followed perfectly the recipe and it gives me that greasy dough , I cut it and its so very much SOFT ! I was like “HOW CAN THEY GET 4.5/5 ON THAT SH***Y RECIPE !”. Β I didn’t do any glaze or whatever I don’t like it so much, I put it in the hoven and it looks like this :


Instead of this (I called it “foodnetwork imagination)


Big difference right ? Yeah , and it tastes good but the dough is non-existing. So yeah , basically next time i wanna bake cinnamon rolls , I will watch that video on Youtube (link below)

Foodnetwork Cinnamon Rolls recipe (CLICK)

Awesome Cinnamon Rolls recipe on YOUTUBE (CLICK)


Make it yourself and tell me what do you think πŸ™‚

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