My parents bought me a week-end at Disneyland Paris for my 20th birthday ! It was really good , obviously crownded as always , but magical ! I love the atmosphere !

To be honest , the lines for the main park were very LONG , we waited 1h30 for the Indiana Jones rollercoaster , even though it was my first lil loop, it was hard to wait. After this we were exhausted haha , we watched the 2 parades , the disney characters parade and the disney princesses parade , I loved it ! I didn’t stay for the fireworks , at 22H we were at the hotel room watching TV ! I love the Disney atmosphere , we felt like it was somewhere else , the details for each “world” is deeply researched , I LOVE IT. (psycho)

The second park , Disney Studio was really nice , not very crownded , less attractions but it was good , we took a fastpass for the Hollywood Tower attraction , after this we walked around and decided to do the Rock’n’roll rollercoaster … WHAT A MISTAKE , I THOUGHT I WOULD DIE , Adrenaline is not my friend , I hate this feeling , the first part was so fast we couldn’t here anyone scream at the start and obviously one big loop MEHHHH. I had to sit down few minutes after it to get over it hahahah. We did few attractions around , they’re all nice for any ages. I truely recommand this park if you want to spend a morning or an afternoon at an amusement park. I loved the studio atmosphere , it truely felt like a real one.

I took some pictures of both parks , not in the attractions of course : NO TIME. I had to convert them (because it’s a dumb CR2 format , if you have advices about that PLEASE TELL ME) so the quality is not the BEST, but I’ll post some of them on Flickr soon , so the quality will be optimum. I let you check out my beautiful mosaïc because 4 pics aint enough ;D




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