This is where I want to go , where I hope to go.

My bucketlist #1 is about India.

I’ve always had this fantasy to go to India , for many reason. The first reason would probably the “culture-shock” , we have a very different way of living , the traditional clothes , language , religion etc… that’s why we travel right ? to see something different or breath-taking , feel free, visit and see. thanks to my friends Flickr , I want to show you some pictures and places I would love to visit if I ever go to India.

                             Rumbak village in Hemis High Attitude National Parks, Ladakh, India.   ……..                   credit : Richard McCanus

This place inspires so much peace and quiet to me , we often forget that India do have mountains, it is once in a lifetime experience.

Freshly cultivated paddy fields from Srinagar to Anantnag in Jammu and Kashmir                             Credit : Sandee Pachetan


                                         Taj Mahal , Katra Resham , Âgrâ, Uttar Pradesh                                               Credit : Sandee Pachetan  


                                                                       Indian Spices                                                                          Credit : Amrit Takhar


                                                             Indian Gate , New Delhi                                                               Credit : Stephan Rebernik


What do you think ?


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