Kenzo x H&M

For its new collaboration , H&M have chosen the parisian house Kenzo.

After the euphoria of H&M x Balmain, The swedish brand obviously decided to reiterate its collaboration with a new talentful house KENZO. The new artistic directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon got interviewed by Mattie Kahn to give us more details about the collection and find out of those two people. [INTERVIEW HERE]

In this interview , they talk about the whole project. The artists really wanted to talk about the brand’s history and their personnal story through the collection. They are very curious and open to anything new. You remember the Kenzo sweatshirt with a Lion head printed on ? Guess who’s idea was ! Now this piece has become cult !

“Kenzo has created a new way for women to dress”

They think themselves as outsiders ! Thats why I think this collaboration will be amazing regarding Kenzo’s style and soul throught H&M public !

I am so excited to see the collection , but we’ll have to be patient my precious ! ❤️



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