Kitty Adoption

Few days ago , we adopted a cat at the French PETA called SPA…


Few days ago , we adopted a cat at the French PETA called SPA.


It was a gift for my ant , she lost her dog after 10 years , she was very depressed afterwards so my dad decided to we should adopt a cat for her , since we knew that she didn’t care if it was either a dog or cat. For a 50th birthday , we surprised her with a cute ginger kitty ! We had the choice between a girl or a boy , both super cute and nice *.*

It was so hard to choose ! But we took the boy , I swear I wanted to adopt both. It opened up my eyes on adoption in associations. In a case where you can choose , please adopt throught an association , your animal will be vaccinated and identified (tatoo or electric puce), the SPA offers the castration , it usually costs 50-90€ for a cat and depending on the sex. Here you pay 90€ for a kitten , healthy and ready to enjoy his/her new life ! Since few years , I am more and more concerned about Animals condition and I deeply think we have alot of work to do concerning animal rights …

He looks sad but the second you pet him , he would play with your finger and purr *.*

Support PETA and any kind of animal recue association for a better world ❤



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