Fashion Trend : Bomber jackets

The bomber “flying” jacket , is the trend of this year ! It is everywhere , every clothing store have this 80’s restyled jacket , that I really love , and Im not the only one. Celebrities were seen many times with those jackets on , because let’s be honest they are dope.

You have so many possibilities, regarding the colour, material used … my favourite one would be the silk-looking one in black because you can wear it with whatever you want, there is no limit. The bomber jacket can go with a classy, bcbg , street or “ratchet” style haha.

Here are differents kind of bomber you can get ❤

Sans titre.png

  1. SEE BY CHLOE – Suede bomber jacket • $672
  2. T BY ALEXANDER WANG  – velvet bomber jacket • $673

  3. WEAREALL –  Lain Zip Bomber Jacket • $31.00
  4. RiverIsland –  Silver suede jacket • 35,00 €
  5. Abracadabra – Khaki Zip Up Satin Bomber Jacket • $51.10
  6. Topshop – TALL Velvet Embroidered Bomber • $50
  7. TopShop – PETITE Embroidered Bomber Jacket • $40
  8. Topshop –  Logo Bomber Jacket by Ivy Park • $50.00
  9. Boohoo –  Libby Silky MA1 Bomber Jacket • $35.00 


Do you like bomber jackets ?


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